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Neuhope Announces “Hope for Addiction” as first in series of Care Management Solutions & Names t

Los Altos, CA. June 12th, 2019 — Neuhope, a leading provider of care management solutions, is pleased to announce that Hope for Addiction will be its first offering in its family of products that supports adherence to care and recovery plans for those with chronic conditions. With substance use disorders being the most rapidly growing chronic condition, Neuhope has prioritized its first product offering to address this area to help the millions struggling achieve sustained sobriety.

Addiction has been declared a “National Emergency” by Presidents Obama and Trump with over 23 million Americans addicted. Opioid use has risen an alarming 493% from 2010-2016 and addiction claimed over 72,000 lives in 2017. Relapse rates are very high—overall 40-60% of those with substance use disorders will relapse, with rates for heroin and opiates around 90%.

HOPE for Addiction is a solution that reduces relapses by increasing adherence to recovery plans, providing intervention support in real-time and enhancing a sober lifestyle. Neuhope actively manages a recovery and care plan—it provides all the information needed, tracks activities, and seamlessly connects patients to their support network in real-time. A cloud based software solution, delivered on any mobile or other smart device, HOPE puts the power of care in the hands of patients and their support network 24x7.

To support delivery of a product with the most relevant and effective capabilities, as well as entry into the market, Neuhope has engaged Earl Hightower as its Chief Product Officer. Earl has worked on the front lines of addiction and recovery for over 35 years and is an internationally recognized interventionist and speaker on addiction recovery. Earl has an extensive list of credentials, including receiving the Champion of Recovery Award from the Obama Administration as well as being an inductee into the Drug Court Hall of Fame.

“I am extremely excited to join Neuhope, where I can now leverage my experience to reach a much broader audience with the potential of having significant impact in helping those with substance use disorders achieve and sustain sobriety.” said Hightower.

“One of the biggest challenges I have witnessed is people not being successful going from treatment to recovery” continued Earl. “They are relapsing, post-treatment, before they have had a chance to firmly connect themselves to their recovery communities. Neuhope’s product provides that conduit and supports individuals across the continuum of care from treatment to recovery to sustained sobriety.”

HOPE acts as a personal recovery companion around the clock, supporting every step of an individual’s recovery, with a level of personalization and range of coverage that highly differentiates it from other solutions. Added Earl, “I joined Neuhope because their offering was the only one that addressed all aspects of a person’s recovery—mind, body, and spirit. With this comprehensive solution, I believe we can make a real and definite change in the lives of the people we are trying to help.”

Tom Laffey, CEO and Co-founder of Neuhope, commented, "We are very excited to be a part of solving this problem which is of such devastating proportions. Working closely with an industry veteran, like Earl, who has the personal experience and passion to help drive better outcomes for those with addictive disorders, is immensely valuable. We look forward to bringing Hope for Addiction to market and serving patients, their families, treatment providers and everyone affected by addiction.”

Neuhope will begin user testing of HOPE for Addiction later this year and officially launch the product in early 2020.

About Neuhope, Inc.


Neuhope provides solutions that manage care, and support lifestyles, to significantly improve outcomes and quality of life for patients experiencing any chronic condition. HOPE for Addiction is Neuhope’s personalized recovery management solution for individuals going through treatment and recovery from substance use disorders to help them achieve and maintain sobriety. With its’ active management, Neuhope solutions put the power of care in the hands of people and their support networks, acting as a personal recovery and care companion. Accessible on all of today’s widely used mobile and other devices, HOPE is available around the clock, tracking and capturing valuable data for patients and treatment providers.

For Further Information, Contact:

Yvonne Dahl Executive Vice President, Neuhope Phone: 203-654-9924

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