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Neuhope Expanding Its Focus to Fight Addiction

Ever since Tom and I co-founded Neuhope, our goal always have been to build a company that would improve outcomes and quality of life for patients battling serious chronic conditions such as, cancer, addiction, alzheimer’s, etc. Both Tom and I have personally known many patients and their families suffering from such conditions. Our experiences have taught us the importance of bringing all the right people, and the right resources together to assist patients and their families while facing the uphill battle going through such serious chronic conditions that impact both the physical, as well as the mental health. For over two years we have been vetting our ideas with patients, their families, clinical professionals, and healthcare domain experts. This has led us to the development of our cloud based Neuhope platform that is capable of delivering personalized care to individual patients, based on their unique state at any given time, on the device of their own choice. The Neuhope platform is capable of dealing with many chronic conditions.

With myself being a cancer survivor, we initially focused on cancer. About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive and rare kind of cancer called “Extraosseous Osteosarcoma” — a variant of “Osteosarcoma”. It was known to not respond to the standard treatment regimen prescribed for the Osteosarcoma. I faced a very tough treatment regimen that went on for a year. Fortunately I survived, and have been leading a healthy life ever since then. Through my experience, and the experiences of other cancer patients and their families, Tom and I developed an in-depth understanding of a typical cancer patient journey, and many challenges faced by cancer patients and their families. We saw the need for taking the holistic approach to improve the outcomes:

  • Medical — Medications and treatments

  • Physical — Diet, exercise, sleep, complimentary treatments

  • Psychological — Morale, stress, spiritual, feeling alone

  • Logistical — Lodging, transportation, meals, day care, cleaning services, errands, personalized group communication & scheduling

The idea was to empower the patient and their families to do the right things at the right time by orchestrating patient’s interactions with the right people and the right resources, based on the patient’s state at any given time.

As we started putting together our platform, and presenting our ideas to the healthcare domain experts and the investor community, we started receiving a lot of positive feedback. People started suggesting how the same platform can be leveraged for patients experiencing almost any complex disease such as organ transplants, substance use disorder, alzheimer’s, etc. We particularly started seeing a lot of interest in the addiction space. Soon we were joined by top-notch healthcare domain experts helping us define our solution in this very large and underserved market.

As we worked with experts in the addiction space, we realized that the existing Neuhope platform can be reused, simply by modeling addiction specific patient states, care models, and content. We also realized how large, and visible the addiction space is, but it is yet underserved. The perfect opportunity was right there, with the right team, the right solution and the right business case. We decided to go after this opportunity full throttle, and now we are building the first version of our solution in the addiction space by working with world class experts.

Serious conditions such as cancer, and addiction adversely impact the lives of patients and their families. They also impose a huge financial burden on the healthcare system. There are many clinics, services, support groups, and government programs out there that are trying to help such patients, but all those efforts are segregated. Neuhope platform brings all such efforts together, and orchestrates them to improve the outcomes and quality of life for patients.

With this new focus on addiction, Neuhope will be helping millions of people suffering due to the substance use disorder to stay sober. Neuhope will put them in charge of their day-to-day life to rebuild their future — a day at a time.