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Neuhope Announces Appointment to Board of Advisors

Heidi Adams, cancer survivor & advocate, innovator, author, entrepreneur, and WebMD National Health Hero joins Neuhope’s Board of Advisors

Los Altos, CA. April 10, 2018 — Neuhope, a leading provider of care management solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Heidi Schultz Adams to the Company‘s Board of Advisors. Heidi has been a tireless patient advocate since surviving Ewing’s sarcoma in her mid-20s. Her career in advocacy began in 2000 when she founded Planet Cancer, a pioneering non-profit community of support and advocacy for adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer.

Her transformative work led her to be a volunteer leader of LIVESTRONG Foundation’s Young Adult Alliance, a coalition of nearly 200 advocacy organizations and health care institutions working to improve AYA outcomes. In 2009, Heidi joined the LIVESTRONG Foundation and rose to Vice President of Strategic Partnerships before returning to her passion of working in the AYA space. In 2013, Heidi was appointed as the first President & CEO of Critical Mass , the evolution of the Young Adult Alliance.

After successfully overseeing Critical Mass’ strategic shift to legislative advocacy, Heidi transitioned onto their Board and working in the private sector. At Rx4good, a boutique consultancy working with healthcare companies, government, nonprofit, and academia, she is responsible for thoughtfully integrating the patient perspective into their clients’ work, culture, processes and products.

Just a few of her accolades and recognitions include: Swiffer Amazing Woman of the Year, being named one of WebMD’s four national Health Heroes, recipient of American Cancer Society’s prestigious national Lane Adams Award, and the Archie Bleyer Trailblazer Award from Critical Mass for her seminal work in the field of AYA oncology.

Heidi has also co-authored two books in the cancer space: Here and Now: Inspiring Stories of Cancer Survivors and Planet Cancer: (The Frequently Bizarre but Always Informative Experiences and Thoughts of Your Fellow Natives).

Heidi is excited to be joining the Neuhope team. “Improving outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients and their families is what motivates me. By taking a holistic approach to actively tracking the patient and their care needs, I believe Neuhope’s innovative and personalized software solutions can help millions of people worldwide.”

Tom Laffey, CEO and Co-founder Neuhope, commented, "We are grateful for the addition of Heidi to our Board of Advisors. I believe her personal experience and passion for helping others experiencing cancer will be invaluable in shaping our strategy and solutions on the road ahead. We look forward to working alongside Heidi to incorporate her unique patient perspective into our solutions.”

About Neuhope, Inc.


Neuhope improves outcomes and quality of life for patients and their family experiencing cancer or any chronic disease. This is achieved through Neuhope’s holistic care management solution—HOPE—that significantly increases the patient's compliance to their treatment regimen. HOPE’s active management puts the power of care in the hands of patients and their care networks, by tracking and monitoring everything required to support a personalized care plan. HOPE delivers the right care information to the right people at the right time to ensure adherence.

The importance of patient compliance is highlighted in a recent report from the World Health Organization that states “more health benefits worldwide would result from improving adherence to existing treatments than from developing new medical treatments”. With over 500,000 deaths per year worldwide and $300+ billion in additional healthcare costs being attributed to non-compliance, Neuhope delivers significant and immediate social and financial impact with its solution.

For Further Information, Contact:

Yvonne Dahl

Executive Vice President, Neuhope

Phone: 203-654-9924