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Neuhope Announces Appointment of Chief Patient Advocate

Jonathan Sommers, cancer survivor & coach, entrepreneur, and board member for cancer-related non-profits to act as the patient voice for Neuhope

Los Altos, CA. March 15, 2018 — Neuhope, a leading provider of care management solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan Sommers as the Company‘s new Chief Patient Advocate. Jonathan was a Hollywood screenwriter until 2012, when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Upon completing treatment, he turned his focus to using the experience and his creativity to help anyone who has heard the words, “you have cancer”.

Jonathan has made digital Public Service Announcements around testicular cancer as well as Adolescent Young Adult (AYA) cancers on a whole. Leveraging relationships at UCLA Hospital, USC Medical Center and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Jonathan launched a pilot program that reformed the LA School District’s health curriculum to include education about testicular cancer and why early detection is so important.

Inspired by the wonderful care he received during treatment, Jonathan wanted to provide the same love and support to other patients. Jonathan started mentoring testicular cancer patients and continues to do so locally and nationally. “It is how I find meaning in something that seemed meaningless at the time”, says Jonathan.

In 2014, Jonathan helped to launch Changebowl, a crowd based fundraising app that allows users to round up on purchases and give their change to any non-profit. As director of client outreach, he successfully introduced Changebowl to numerous causes and organizations that continue to benefit from it.

Jonathan has served and been involved with a variety of cancer related boards and non-profits. Such organizations include: USC’s AYA Leadership Counsel, Teen Cancer America, Samfund, Imerman’s Angels, and most recently, SWOG’s Digital Engagement Committee. SWOG, a global leader in cancer research, designs and conducts trials. Their mission is to improve lives through cancer clinical trials and transitional research.

Jonathan finds this work to be extremely rewarding and satisfying. “Pursuing the intersection of technology and health to improve patient outcomes is what moves me and I could not be happier to work with the very talented Neuhope team. I believe Neuhope’s innovative and personalized approach can help millions of people worldwide.”

Tom Laffey, CEO and Co-founder Neuhope, commented, "We are grateful for the addition of Jonathan as our Chief Patient Advocate. I believe his personal experience and passion for helping others experiencing cancer will be invaluable in shaping our strategy and solutions on the road ahead. We look forward to working alongside Jonathan to be the voice of the patient inside Neuhope.”

About Neuhope, Inc.


Neuhope improves outcomes and quality of life for patients and their family experiencing cancer or any chronic disease. This is achieved through Neuhope’s holistic care management solution—HOPE—that significantly increases the patient's compliance to their treatment regimen. HOPE’s active management puts the power of care in the hands of patients and their care networks, by tracking and monitoring everything required to support a personalized care plan. HOPE delivers the right care information to the right people at the right time to ensure adherence.

The importance of patient compliance is highlighted in a recent report from the World Health Organization that states “more health benefits worldwide would result from improving adherence to existing treatments than from developing new medical treatments”. With over 500,000 deaths per year worldwide and $300+ billion in additional healthcare costs being attributed to non-compliance, Neuhope delivers significant and immediate social and financial impact with its solution

For Further Information, Contact:

Yvonne Dahl

Executive Vice President, Neuhope

Phone: 203-654-9924