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Neuhope Selected to Participate at Upcoming Cavendish Health Impact Forum

Forum uniquely brings together leading family offices, foundations and impact investors seeking impact investment, grant-giving, and philanthropy opportunities within health and the life sciences

Los Altos, CA. October 24, 2017 — Neuhope, an innovative digital health company, announced today it has been selected to present at the upcoming Cavendish Health Impact Forum taking place October 25, 2017 in New York, NY, co-hosted by the Cavendish Impact Foundation and The John A. Hartford Foundation. The Forum provides an environment for family offices, foundations and impact investors develop and implement their individual pro-social impact investing, grant-giving, and philanthropy programs within health and the life sciences. To accomplish this mission, the Forum showcases presentations and panel discussions by leading family offices, accomplished foundations, impact investors, research institutions, private-sector companies and nonprofit organizations engaged in developing innovations with the potential for transformational impact on disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. A unique gathering of impact investors, Cavendish Health Impact Forums are hosted by leading institutions around the world and take place four times each year.

Peter McCrea, President of the Cavendish Impact Foundation explains, “With the help of our expert team and advisors, we conduct a global search of research institutions and private-sector companies in order to identify organizations that meet the required standard of excellence. The quality and originality of Neuhope’s research and development in patient compliance for cancer and other chronic diseases positions them to make a major contribution to improving outcomes and quality of life for patients and their families.”

“We are honored to be selected to present at the New York Forum, as it is further recognition of our new approach to holistically addressing patient care and compliance through innovative applications of digital health. According to the USA Department of Health and Human Services, by 2020, about 157 million Americans will be afflicted by chronic illnesses and many more worldwide,” said Tom Laffey, CEO and Co-founder, Neuhope. “We welcome the chance to interact with many of world’s most accomplished scientists, thought-leaders and generous philanthropic individuals and families who are all dedicated to the common cause of improving the health and lives of people around the world.”

The Cavendish community consists of over 200 leading family offices, foundations and impact investors from around the world with combined assets of over $225 billion who share a passion for pro-social endeavors within health and the life sciences. The Cavendish Health Impact Forum provides impact investors with a curated, peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment, combined with the information and educational resources required by those actively seeking to accelerate technological innovation and health access through sustainable philanthropy, grant-making and impact investing. The Forum is also an opportunity for impact investors to champion and share information on projects and organizations, which they are passionate about with other impact investors from around the world.

About Neuhope, Inc.


Neuhope improves outcomes and quality of life for patients and their family experiencing cancer or any chronic disease. This is achieved through Neuhope’s innovative group app and supporting services that help patients better comply with their treatment regimens. The app addresses all aspects of a patient’s treatment, is patient specific, and brings together everyone involved with the patient’s care. Experts validate the importance of patient compliance as a recent report from the World Health Organization states “more health benefits worldwide would result from improving adherence to existing treatments than from developing new medical treatments”. With over 500,000 deaths per year and $300+ billion in additional healthcare costs being attributed to non-compliance, increasing patient compliance through the Neuhope solution has a significant and immediate social and financial impact.

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For Further Information, Contact:

Yvonne Dahl

Executive Vice President, Neuhope


About Cavendish Global


Cavendish Global is a peer-to-peer community of individually-selected innovators in health and the life sciences; over 200 leading family offices, philanthropists, foundations and impact investors; key opinion leaders and renown institutional partners that share a passion for well-conceived impact investing, sustainable philanthropy and delivering transformative impact. Cavendish provides the resources for innovators to advance their impactful work from mind to marketplace — through connectivity, advisory services, access to key opinion leaders and capital opportunities. The upcoming Health Impact Forum will take place October 25, 2017 at the New York Athletic Club and is by invitation only. In 2018, Cavendish will host Forums in San Diego, South Florida, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Cleveland, and the Northeast Corridor.

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For Further Information, Contact:

Ian Kenyon

Vice President, Cavendish Global