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Honk if you see the NEUHOPE license plate

After waiting over 3 months, my NEUHOPE personalized license plate finally arrived. As co-founder of the company, I will proudly drive my electric vehicle with the new license plates around Silicon Valley. My EV car can be charged using solar energy which makes it much more sustainable.

At Neuhope, we believe in a sustainable future. Every year, patient non-compliance is leading to hundreds of billions of dollars burden on the US healthcare system and society in general. We believe that, improving compliance by engaging the patients and their care network in doing the right things at the right time is one of the important steps towards building a sustainable healthcare system.

Patient non-compliance is a very difficult problem to solve. When someone is experiencing a chronic illness such as cancer, there are hundreds of facts and tasks they must remember. They are often not in a good place mentally because of drugs they are taking or therapies they are undergoing. Also, they are often depressed but it is critical they are following their regimen and doing the right things at the right times, At Neuhope we understand this very well; and our group app, platform, and service consisting of Hope Ambassadors together create a unique offering that significantly improves outcomes and quality of life for the patient.