Neuhope Founders

Tom Laffey

CEO and Co-Founder

Everyone knows a friend or family member suffering through a chronic disease. Both my parents passed away after prolonged battles with such illnesses. I believe we could have significantly improved the length and quality of their lives by using today's sate-of-the art technologies.
It's time for someone to build a mind-blowing app to address this problem; and that someone is Neuhope.


Pundalik Kudapkar

CTO & Co-Founder

It has been five years after surviving the cancer battle. I strongly believe that I was given a second chance for a reason. My passion around Neuhope is unlimited. In this second life, I am going to use my experiences as a technologist and as a survivor to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. Neuhope is a movement against cancer and other serious chronic diseases.