"At Neuhope, we deliver solutions that manage care, and support sober lifestyles, to significantly improve outcomes and quality of life for patients battling addiction.

HOPE for Addiction is Neuhope's personalized recovery management solution that aids in achieving and maintaining sobriety for individuals going through treatment and recovery from substance use disorders."

"With its active management, HOPE for Addiction acts as a personal recovery companion, supporting patients through every step of their journey, available around the clock on any mobile or other device."

Empowering the patient and treatment professionals

Solution - HOPE for Addiction


HOPE consists of software, content, and supporting services that actively manage a recovery plan.  HOPE provides all the information needed, tracks activities, and pro-actively communicates necessary reminders and alerts, while capturing valuable data for patients and treatment providers.

Neuhope's approach incorporates all the elements essential for sober living - it addresses individualized needs (is personalized), connects everyone through a support network (is unifying), and supports the whole person (is integrative).

All communication and interactions are delivered in real-time to mobile devices, smart watches, and other devices, including voice activated assistants (e.g., Google Home), making HOPE always accessible and available.

Meet The Team


Co-founder & CEO

Previous company founded had successful IPO on NASDAQ; 30+ years in software & artificial intelligence


Executive Vice President

Former global head of sales & marketing at several very successful technology companies.


Co-founder & CTO

Rock star technology guru and cancer survivor; 20+ years experience in cloud computing, security, and mobile programming.


Lead Architect

25+ years in enterprise software architecture and design. Keen eye on details and a go-getter.


Chief Patient Advocate

Cancer survivor & coach, entrepreneur, and board member for non-profits.

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